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Finally a dry weekend when I’m free! So I’ve taken full advantage and on Saturday Kali and i were joined by Leo and his dad Mike. We spent a great afternoon walking across my mountain(it’s not really mine but my home is situated on it and it sounds good!) eventually dropping down to the beach, following the coast line and joining the coastal path before crossing over the headland back home. In total we walked approx 6 miles what struck me whilst walking was how many temptations naturally present themselves even in remote areas. From wildlife to livestock, other walkers and their dogs. We encountered many situations which tested and even challenged our dogs obedience and the control we have over our dogs.

From our perspective, as a human, it can be really easy to not recognize how well our dog is doing. This inevitably means we do not appreciate and give our dogs praise for acting correctly. In fact we are much more likely to take notice of our dog when its doing something we don’t want it to. Good, effective dog training is all about positive reinforcement. By reinforcing your dog with praise, a treat or a toy he or she is more likely to repeat the behaviour. So, by becoming aware of when your dog is being good or doing something you want and making sure you praise him or her, your dog will feel valued and more likely to repeat the desired behaviour.

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Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years.

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