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Toilet Training- Target Training



Steps to toilet target training



First decide on the area you would like to use, the area doesn’t need to be big about  is ideal. This can be whatever surface you wish grass, concrete or some people make a wood chipped area.  Ideally the area should be safe and dog proof as eventually you will not need to accompany your dog if you have an appropriate area. Most people tend to use an area in their garden.


  1. When your puppy looks like she needs to relieve herself  clip a long lead to her collar. I like to use an extending lead.
  2. Walk puppy out of the house try to make sure puppy is on the ground this will help her associate leaving the house to toilet pic 1
  3. Once you reach your target area allow your pup to wander around and sniff. Use your lead to ensure she stays in your target area
  4. As soon as she wee or poo’s praise her verbally. I like to condition pups to a word which tells them they have done the right thing, I find this an advantage in this situation pic2
  5. Once she has finished reinforce her good behaviour further by giving her a treat.pic3


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