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Saying Goodbye to the Pups:(


Our house seems so quiet now that all the spaniel pups have left and have joined their new families. Breeding a litter is wonderful, hard work, fun, extremely rewarding but at the end of the most magical 8 weeks the hard part comes when you pass on the role of human mum/dad to their new owner.
I won’t pretend to be professional about it I cried!!! although I did manage to wait until each cheeky little pup was in their new owners car and going down the drive!

Each pup has the most exciting and wonderful life ahead of them as they all have devoted, superb owners. Now that a week has passed since the last pup left i can smile and feel content in having done the very best i could do in ensuring they have had the very best start to their life.
I would  like to thank Natural Instinct Pet food who provided the food for the puppies. This is the second litter I have reared on their natural raw diet and I can not praise it enough. The weaning process went smoothly and the pups absolutely loved the ‘Weaning Paste’ which I found perfect for their first introduction to food. I also used their ‘Beef Jerky’ treats as an aid to teaching the puppies. It was great as I could cut it into tiny pieces. Once old enough they moved  to the ‘puppy food’ which again they loved. All the pups are a picture of health and Natural Instinct Food paid a huge role in being able to achieve this.

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