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Kali the Display Dog!!

Kali and I are back from a fantastic week away with our Shadowquest Working Dog Display Team

The  first event was a superb  2 day country show held at , we then travelled to Cumbria for the Holker Garden Show which took place over three days.

I’m bursting with pride at how well Kali did. My intention was to spend the time when not performing acclimatising Kali to switch on to work in a show environment. However my plan soon changed when Maddie looked tired after the first show at Highclere and I decided to reduce what she was going to do during the following shows. This gave me an opportunity to work my young up and coming dogs which includes Kali.

I was like a proud mum when I walked onto the arena with Kali by my side. She looked fantastic, alert and confident. After being introduced we started demonstrating the general obedience required by Police and Service dogs. This involved heelwork, stopping in the sit and down position and stays during heelwork. From the moment we started Kali and I were a true team completely tuned into one another, working in harmony together. She was focused on me and ignoring the massive distractions of the crowd, dogs and noise. I felt so confident that I even took her off lead!

After we had finished I gave her a massive hug and smothered her with kisses whilst telling her what a good girl she was.

At the Holker Show I decided to test Kali even more so she replaced Maddie in the formal obedience line and even did the criminal work. She surpassed my expectations taking everything in her stride.

Kali has certainly made me very proud. The biggest compliment was the number of people who came up to meet her and commented on how happy she looked. Kali is a true testament to my training methods based which are based on communication and understanding.

Although throughout the displays Kali ignored the distractions, I am sure by the way she strutted around she was aware everyone was looking at her- I am now wondering whether I have a potential diva!

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