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Caspa my Guinness World Record Holding Llama!

What a wonderful and madly exciting few weeks!! On the 8th September the 2017 Guinness World Record Book was launched and who happens to have been included……me and Caspa my Llama!!!!

Caspa and i are honoured to have been selected by Guinness to not only be in the prestigious book but also be one of their promoted records. This has mean’t lots of filming , Tv appearances, radio interviews and photos for the press. On the 8th Sept Caspa’s picture was in every national newspaper- not bad for a quirky cameloid from North Wales :)

Even even appeared ‘live’ on Blue Peter- earning him his very own Blue Peter badge which he now wears with pride on his unique blue Peter bandanna.

The media response has been unbelievable it appears that my lovable, diva llama has captured the hearts of everyone. To say i’m proud is an understatement.

Caspa and his amazing feats are a product of lots of hard work. When i bought him he was un-trusting, hated people, he would spit and kick and catching him could take days! When i think back i really don’t know why i was drawn to him but i was. My gut feeling was this horrible, grumpy llama was just misunderstood. In the initial stages of training i worked using desensitisation techniques to build trust. Some of the methods i use with dogs have proven invaluable for example the conditioning techniques i pioneered in the film’ Science Led Dog Training’ I’ve always been passionate that training can only occur if communication barriers are bridged therefore enabling teaching to be effective, kind, rewarding and fun.

I couldn’t ‘make’ or ‘force’ Caspa to do what he does, he does it because he enjoys it and wants too. If it works for a llama it will work with your dogs!

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Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years.

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