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Adding Enrichment on Walks and At Home.

Its been several weeks since my operation and im definitely on the mend. The main frustration I have at the moment is that im physically limited in what I am able to do until Im fully recovered. Even though this is temporary and only for a few weeks it is still a pain!

The main downside for me is that I am unable to take my dogs for the long walks which they are used to. For Kali who has very high energy levels this is problematic as she really does need to let of steam! She is also used to 2-3 short training sessions on most days.

For my own mental well being as well as hers I’ve had to choose activities which tire her physically and mentally yet don’t put a strain on me.  Kali loves retrieving and this is a great way of burning off her energy whilst I am able to stay in one spot. To challenge her further I have been playing a lot of search games whereby I throw her toy into undergrowth and ask her to find it. This game relies on her using her sense of smell and result in tiring her out both mentally and physically.

Clicker training is another great way to add enrichment to your dogs life and I have been using this method to teach her some tricks. The good thing about this is that I’ve had literally been able to sit on the sofa and train her :)

Something I have been really grateful of is the treat range from Natural Instinct. Through using play bones, ‘Goodie Tubes’ and her toys stuffed with her usual Natural Instinct raw food, I have been able to keep Kali occupied and happy for the periods when I have needed to rest. This has definitely made both her and my life easier!

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