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A One Man/Woman Dog – Fact or Fiction?


You will often hear that its important to be consistent when training your dog, this is not only true for you but also anyone involved with your dog, particularly other family members who live with you.

Most dogs live in a house hold comprising of more than one person so its important that they respond to everyone and not just one person.

So how do you achieve this , the usual answer is– CONSISTENCY!

If everyone is consistent then you dog will understand. Now don’t get me wrong I totally agree with this however the real underlining secret lies in the type of training and methods used.

I see many clients with dogs who seek my help as their dog is only well behaved for a particular member of the family and causes havoc when they are not around. The owners can’t understand how for one person their dog can be an angel yet when they are not around be totally unruly.  I have found that many of theses dogs have been trained using what I would describe as bullying techniques- do it or else. The dog responds as it has to not because it wants to and importantly these dogs don’t really understand what is required of them.

A great example of how effective using my training methods which create a dog who is happy to respond to anyone happened over the summer display season this year.

As ,no doubt many of you already know my ethos is: training dogs through understanding and communication- I am passionate about  this!

This display season for me promised to be one of the most exciting, not only had the teams been booked to perform at fantastic shows, but 2015 was to be the year Kali and my working partnership would start to really shine. As is often the case the best laid plans get turned upside down by factors beyond our control and this certainly has been the case this summer for me.

Mid way through the busy display season I unexpectantly became unwell. This resulted in me spending several weeks in hospital and having a major operation. The timing couldn’t have been worse as it meant I was unable to take part in the displays- I was not only devastated but my absence would impact the teams.

Consequently the displays were adapted and Derek and myself decided to see whether my display dogs Jazz, Sky and Kali would work for other handlers. This presented a real test not only to my dogs abilities but more importantly how much they themselves understood the various exercises.

The result was incredible all three dogs were fantastic each happy to work alongside another handler. I am proud of them all especially Kali who due to her age is by far the most inexperienced of the three.

Sat recovering trying to take it easy! I have had the opportunity to really reflect on how well my dogs did and how the methods I use enabled them to be so successful . Jazz, Sky and Kali are truly a testament to the techniques I use and what happened this summer has proved beyond doubt that my belief and passion about training dogs through understanding and communication is right!

wilshirecountryshow-134_editmed Kali watching search dog Millie in action- the Shadowquest Dog Display

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