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Dogs like us are all different and each individual has its own traits, drives, quirks, likes and dislikes which form it’s unique personality. When we welcome a new puppy or older dog into our family it is important to take time to really get to know your new friend and discover their true character. It is my firm belief in order to become the perfect partners to our dogs, we need to understand them.
In my experience the majority of owners have a good understanding of their dog however this is usually evolved over a long period of time and not something they have consciously done. What I like to do is actually focus on this right from day one and I actually study my new additions personality closely. To me its vital to know whether a pup is an extrovert or introvert, confident or fearful so I can ensure the training and socialisation I do is effective. It allows me to target specific areas so I can create programmes which take into account the pups needs but also having empathy as to how it will feel. It’s no use using lots of physical praise if you dog doesn’t like it! By knowing what makes your pup tick it will allow you to create a successful lifelong partnership and avoid potential frustration caused by following training programmes or having expectations which are unrealistic or even clash with your dogs personality.
By doing this it will ensure you empathise with your pup and build a strong bond based on trust and understanding.
Areas to consider:
to help you here is a guide with some of the key areas I look at. It is by no means complete and each of the bullet points can be broken down further so you can examine them in more detail
• What she finds rewarding
• Attention span/concentration
• Energy level- low or high calm or scatty
• Likes
• Dislikes
• Potential problems
• Response to something they are unsure of- natural innate flight or fight response
• Reaction to other dogs- submissive or bully
• Reaction to noise
• Response to touch
• Extravert or introvert
• Confidence: brave, fearful, nervous

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