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Cute Kali

The Play Retrieve

It is extremely useful to teach a pup, in fact any dog a play retrieve. By this I mean to chase a toy and bring it back to us. Most dogs find the game exceedingly rewarding and exciting. It...


Crate Training

Teaching your Dog to Love their Crate. Over the last 20 years the use of crates has grown in popularity and most peoples perception has changed from viewing them as a  bad thing, a cage...

Kali before arrival, with breeders

So where does it go wrong?

I was really chuffed this week after reading a letter sent in by a lady in the January edition of Dogs Monthly magazine. I write feature articles on all aspects of training and am the...


The importance of the basics

This week I have been really busy helping clients with their puppies. Two pups I saw had attended classes. The first was a 6mth old Lab who had been going to classes since he was 12 weeks...

Puppy 4 at 4 weeks

Collecting Kali

She’s arrived!!! Its been a hectic week and looking back I can not believe we have done so much. Collecting Kali was exciting and special for me but for Corinne, her breeder, a potent...