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Meet Keeper Kali’s new brother!

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Meet Keeper Kali’s new brother!

Keeper is a pure black working bred GSD.  He has recently joined my menagerie and is fitting in really well. Bringing a pup into a household which already has a dog can present issues and pitfalls which must be considered carefully before obtaining a puppy. This is especially true when there is already a young/adolescent dog such as Kali.

A vital consideration before obtaining Keeper was to ensure that I would have plenty of quality individual time to devote to both him and Kali. For me the timing is perfect,Kali is maturing into an outstanding dog and her training is progressing really well. Her needs have changed and are different from those of a young puppy like Keeper . So for me the answer was yes and Keeper joined the family a couple of weeks ago.

The main problems I see with dogs which are owned by families with existing dogs are:

  • Excessive dog motivation
  • Rough ill mannered play with other dogs
  • Lack of bonding to the humans
  • Lack of confidence when on their own
  • Dog aggression- It is a scary fact that approximately 75% of dogs we see at the our Training and Behaviour centre for dog aggression issues are dogs which have been brought up with other dogs in the same household!

All these things can be avoided easily by making sure you spend quality individual time with your pup and when you do allow them to interact with your other dogs this is controlled and only for short periods.

Through Keeper I will show you how to avoid this happening to your pup.

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Sue Williams

Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years.

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  • Hi, we have a year old blue roan cocker spaniel and a ten week old Black and Tan cocker. They have taken to each other beautifully but both get quality individual time with me, and plenty of play time with each other. My year old has been in training with me since 12 weeks old and my daughter will be taking the new pup. We have a small holding with a lake, so plenty of outdoor exercise, which helps! One dog is fab….two is delightful and I wouldn’t be without them! X

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