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Kali Practicing for The Shadowquest Working Dog Display Team

This year promises to be an extremely busy one with dog displays. I run two teams The Cheshire Dog Display Team and The Shadowquest Working dog Display Team. The Shadowquest team showcases working dogs, demonstrating the amazing skill and talent of these special canines. Covering a range of tasks our dogs demonstrate exercises performed by Police dogs and specialist search dogs.

I have been training Kali ‘man work’ exercises the same as a General Purpose Police dog is taught. In this exercise she has to sit until I command her to apprehend the ‘criminal’, detain him until I command her to release,which she must do immediately and return to me. She has to then stay whilst I search the suspect, once I’ve completed this I recall her to me and she walks to heel off lead escorting the suspect.

As you can see there are many components to the completed exercise and the biggest challenge is the control. This is hard as dogs find this exercise extremely exciting .

So far Kali is showing promise, she is progressing really well and she loves it!

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Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years.

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