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A Llama called Caspa and a Guinness World Record!


The last few weeks have been hectic but lots of fun. It all started building up to DogFest North on the 14th June . I was particularly excited about this event as not was my display team the ‘Cheshire Dog Display Team’ going to be performing but also I was going to attempt a Guinness World Record with my Llama Caspa!

I bought Caspa about 4 years ago as a potential trekking llama but it soon became apparent that he had a long way to go before he could join the trekking llamas-  to put it nicely he was horrible!! He would spit and kick when you approached him and it would often take me days plotting cunning plans to catch him in the first place! Why he appealed to me I don’t know maybe because I love a challenge or perhaps im just mad! Either way Caspa became my project and I set out to train him so he could join our trekking llamas. Very quickly I realise that Caspa wasn’t mean or naughty he just didn’t trust people. To tackle this I created a training programme which aimed to build his confidence and change his perception of people from a negative one to a positive one. Progress was slow at times and he often taxed my grey matter- there were no training manuals to turn to for inspiration so I had to create my own methods. I based these on ones I used with the dogs but had to adapt them to suit a prey animal. Over the weeks and months Caspa transformed and I realised that he had the makings of a star! He joined my Llama Agility display team and quickly become one of the best! When I watch Caspa I am so proud and without doubt my proudest moment was when , in front of hundreds of people at Dogfest he jumped 1metre 13 and became a Guinness world record holder!



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