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Kali is now 10 months old and is a fun loving, happy friend. Her attitude to life is fantastic . She is confident and wants to learn- although sometimes she does get a bit giddy and over excited!!

My aim is that she will be able to take her place in my dog display teams this summer. Almost from day 1 of her joining me ive taken her out and exposed her to the show environment, so im pretty confident she won’t be fazed. The hard part will be keeping her focused. Ive been practising her general obedience skills here at the centre when other dogs are training so hopefully that will help.

On Saturday during the Scent Training for Pet Dog course I was running, Maddie , Kali’s great Aunt demoed finding lost people like search and rescue dogs do. She was fantastic as usual but as I took her back to the house it struck me how old she is and how much she is slowing down. Maddie is now 11 years old and we share a fantastic relationship – we know one another inside out and its almost as though she knows what im thinking kind of before I think it sometimes!

Having the privilege of being a team with such a talented special dog like her it made me reflect on the processes which enabled us to develop such a strong bond. I am passionate about training dogs in a way which allows them to actively engage in the learning process because they want to. Play is vital for this as when you think about it if the dog views training as a game he or she will definitely want to take part. Training also allows you to develop your relationship building understanding between the two of you.

Both Kali and Maddie love training sessions and approach them with enthusiasm- sometimes a little too much particularly Kali- but fingers crossed this will help her develop into a super star like Maddie.

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