Expert Puppy Training

Author - Sue Williams


Teaching Kali ‘No’

  It feels like Kali has been here forever, she has fitted in so well and is adorable. I have been building on her socialisation and it’s really hard to believe she is so young. She...

Puppy 4 at 4 weeks

Collecting Kali

She’s arrived!!! Its been a hectic week and looking back I can not believe we have done so much. Collecting Kali was exciting and special for me but for Corinne, her breeder, a potent...

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Preparing for Kali

This week seems to have been the longest ever. I’ve been really busy preparing for Kali’s arrival. This has included making sure im as up to date with marking all my students work ...


Meeting Kali

I almost can’t believe that in a weeks time I will be collecting Kali, a Malinois puppy. Incredibly I have waited for 2 ½ years for this moment- surely a record?! You are no doubt...


Sue Williams

Sue Williams BSC and Chairwoman of the Guild of Dog Trainers, is internationally renowned for her knowledge and expertise in dog training and behaviour modification. She is recognised as a...