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Dog or Bitch?

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I am often asked by people thinking of getting a puppy whether they should get a boy or girl.

There are a lot of generalised claims made about the character of dogs and bitches, e.g. males are more affectionate; bitches are more independent and aloof. Having owned many dogs and bitches in a variety of breeds, it is my opinion that  all dogs are individual and different, meaning there are no hard and fast rules regarding personality differences between the sexes. I have found much depends upon their early experiences, their owners and their environment. Other differences relate to sexual behaviours and these won’t be applicable if you have your dog neutered.

My advice is to go and view a litter with an open mind and make your decision based on other factors e.g. which appeals to you, which is most suitable for your family etc


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Sue Williams

Sue has vast experience gained from working with both dogs and other animals over the last 20 years.

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