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Who is Sue Williams?

Sue Williams BSC and Chairwoman of the Guild of Dog Trainers, is internationally renowned for her knowledge and expertise in dog training and behaviour modification. She is recognised as a leading authority and expert on raising puppies, something she is passionate about.

Sue is a regular feature writer for one of the leading Dog magazines, sharing her knowledge on training and behaviour. She is also their expert in breeding and puppies. Sue is proud to be the expert on training and behaviour for a leading international dog newspaper. Through her media work she educates and promotes her ethos of training dogs through understanding and communication.

Through her work at the Canine Centre she is responsible for teaching and guiding literally thousands of owners in how to correctly raise their puppies so they develop into a happy socially acceptable family pets.

Her revolutionary methods are based on sound scientific principles and are showcased in her acclaimed DVD ‘Science Led Dog Training.’

Sue possesses excellent academic knowledge which complements her years of practical experience. She is currently researching puppy learning for her MA in Dog Training and Behaviour. Sue shares her knowledge with other trainers and is a tutor for the CIDBT degree level courses accredited by Middlesex University.

What makes Sue so exceptional is her talent and ability as a hands on trainer.

She has raised and trained many dogs of different breeds including German shepherd Dogs, Malinois, Cavaliers, Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, Chihuahuas, a Spanish Water dog and various cross breeds and mongrels.

These dogs have matured into top display dogs and perform to thousands at large events throughout the UK, in the Countries leading dog display teams, The Cheshire Dog Display team and Shadowquest working Dog Display team.  This invaluable experience complements her academic knowledge resulting in her immense expertise.

Under the ‘Shadowquest’ affix Sue has, through selective breeding, created a superb proven line of exceptional pet and highly successful working German Shepherd Dogs. In 2009 two of her puppies won first and second places at the Police Dog regional trials. She is the only breeder to have had a German Shepherd dog and Malinois qualify and compete at the National Police Dog Championship. What makes this even more remarkable is that the German Shepherd was from her Police breeding and rearing programme, joining the Police at 18mths of age after initial training and socialisation.