Expert Puppy Training is a website all about raising your puppy to be a happy, healthy, well -mannered family pet. The decision to get a new puppy is a very exciting one but we are also aware comes with a great deal of responsibility. We hope by following the blog’s on this website and the free, professional guides provided you will gain invaluable advice and help. We want your experience rearing your own puppy to be joyful , successful and rewarding.

The site is launched with the blog ‘Rearing Kali’ by leading pet behaviourist and world class trainer, Sue Williams,. Through training and raising her Malinois puppy, Kali, you can read Sue’s blog and view videos where she will share her knowledge and teach you the secrets to ensuring your puppy develops into a happy sociably acceptable pet. Sue will also be sharing valuable training guides, articles and fact sheets over the course of her blogs that are both easy to follow and highly effective.


A Trip to Guernsey!

Over the last few weeks Kali and I have literally toured from one end of the country to the other and even across the Channel to the Channel Islands! It has been hectic but filled with lots...

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Stopping Puppy Play Biting.

Puppy Biting, Mouthing- How To Stop It. Mouthing is one of the most common problems people seek my help with- so much for cute cuddly puppies. Often the problem is so bad the owners look...


Kali is 2!!

Where has the time gone? The Kali monster is now 2 years old! Now at 2 you would think she would be grown up, mature and sensible but remember Kali is a high energy Malinois!!! Seriously...